About Us

We, Bromide Chem Co., Ltd, also known as “Wuxi Southward Chemical Auxiliary Co., Ltd”, were founded in 1983 in Wuxi City.

For over 30 years, we are dedicated to bromide chemicals, not like other companies, who are eager to expand, we are focused on our own area.

Together with all our staff’ efforts, after 30 years of creation, innovation and restless perseverance, today, we have become the most professional bromide chemicals manufacturer in China, we have built a complete series of bromide chemicals, and have best production technology in some products world-widely. Our products have wined reputation and deeply trusted by world famous companies.

Nowadays, we have over 200 employees, and one sale office, one R&D center in Wuxi city, one Production basement over 7,00,00 square meters in North China National Chemical industry Park. And we are planning to build a new production basement in Western China.

Our brief history

1983 Company started in Wuxi City,

1984 Start manufacture bromide chemicals in Wuxi City,

2006 Use our new production basement in North China National Chemical industry Park,

2016 Shut down the old production basement in Wuxi City and turn it into R&D center

2017 Start a new sales sub-company, and use the new English name “Bromide Chem Co.,Ltd”

Our vision

To Build the most professional Bromide Chemicals Supply Chain in the world!.